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Colin Potter 'A Gain' LP


October 2018.

This is a vinyl reissue of the original 'A Gain' cassette album from 1982, as part of Joyful Noise Recordings' White Label Series. This a pressing of 500, 375 of which are subscription only copies and we have the remaining copies for sale. Hand-numbered & with a double-sided insert, the record is packaged with a letterpressed overwrap in a clear sleeve.

The idea of the White Label that each month a different curator chooses an album they think worthy of re-release. This album was chosen by Benjamin John Powell of Fuck Buttons & Blanck Mass & this is what he says :

'A good friend switched me onto Colin Potter’s early tapes on ICR about five years ago or so. I was aware of his involvement in Nurse With Wound but hadn’t any prior experience of these releases. When I was asked to choose a release for this series the 'A Gain' tape instantly sprung to mind. 'Rooftops' was the first track I had heard from the release and was instantly bowled over by how beautiful the track is. For such minimal components and lines the track holds a gripping movement which doesn’t let up. The shifts are slight but full of meaning and the understated production values only add to the overall charm. I see these tracks as ‘workouts’ but instead of flooding the palate Potter focuses on a few key elements and stretches these as far as they can go. The lines are simple but perfect, even down to the introduction of a subtle vibrato at the end of certain phrases. It’s incredibly well constructed. 

My other choice was maybe going to be another one of his ICR tapes, 'The Scythe', which is a very different sound, and if you’ve not heard it, I recommend it. It’s closer to early gothic synth pop than 'AGain' but with similar production values and features vocals. Go check it out. 

I hope you enjoy this record as much as I do. I’ve got some pretty good mileage out of this one, and if you haven’t heard it before, I’m pleased to be able to present it to you. 


Boomkat Product Review:

Colin Potter’s vaulted classic ‘A Gain’ bubbles up for reissue with Joyful Noise, presenting its first ever reissue proper of a UK synth classic (if we discount the augmented compilation of ’Entering Again’ released by Sacred Summits in 2014)

Recommended to Joyful Noise for reissue by Benjamin John Power (F*ck Buttons), who states “…the lines are simple but perfect… It’s incredibly well constructed”, Potter’s best known release prior to joining NWW is a totem of British synth music, an economically constructed yet lush-minded LP of spindly arps and blossoming harmonies that gives us life everytime we hear it.

From the steep 10 minute introduction of awe-inspiring arps and pinched melody in ‘On Entering York Minster’, to the heart-rending, proto-0PN flourishes of ‘Rooftops’, thru his scudding kosmiche piece ‘You Tell Me’, to the passage of curdled drone, scratchy drums and dissonant funk in ‘Mainland’, this is a 100% purchase for fans of England’s hidden reverse and far beyond...


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