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Colin Potter & Phil Mouldycliff 'Avian Catalogues' Limited edition CD


09.05.18   A new CD from Potter/Mouldycliff. This is the limited edition of 50 copies, 45 for sale, each of which comes with an individual 120 x 120mm artwork by Phil, signed & numbered, which is designed to fit into the front of the jewel case.

Over the past fifteen years Colin Potter and Phil Mouldycliff have, by chance or design, incorporated field recordings of birds into a large percentage of the pieces they have made. These have featured a wide variety of species from the Northern and Southern hemispheres both as soloists and as chorus. These four pieces span the complete time period of our continuing collaboration and reflect many of the changes in our working methodology. What remains constant throughout, is the intricacy and beauty of the birdsong.

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