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Illuminati - Meta Medica CD

Illuminati - Meta Medica CD

The controversial Dutch poet and thinker, Willem Bilderdijk (1756–1831), filled his letters with observations on his own health and well-being. These frequent appraisals of his physical and mental condition served as `meta-medical' reflections by which he enhanced his self-understanding and `constructed' his own self. This album is a collection of electronic based pieces drawing together themes for personal survival in an age of moving medical ethics. The album was composed and recorded throughout 2005/6 in three locations: studio, live concert and on location in Japan. It features an array of instrumentation, sounds and field recordings. One technique which features heavily on the CD involves a scratched disc technique whereby bass was recorded on CDr which was then scratched. Playback created disc skipping which resulted in random and chance bass rhythms.

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