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irr. app. (ext.) ‘Deflating An Imaginary Spleen, Almost In Public‘ CD

irr. app. (ext.) ‘Deflating An Imaginary Spleen, Almost In Public‘ CD

The third irr. live album, containing the full recording of irr. public performance #20 which took place in the lounge of the Mt. Tabor Theater in Portland on June 18th 2012. This double-CDR set also includes complete recordings of the last three rehearsals leading up to the show, all following the same overall structure but each having significant differences from one another and from the actual performance. Fully-printed, cottage-made CDR released by errata in excelsis [eie014] in an edition of 200. Packaged in a double jewel case with a single-panel insert and double-sided tray card. Duration 64:13/64:23. DISC ONE: (1-6) show, (7-12) rehearsal 3 DISC TWO: (1-6) rehearsal 1, (7-12) rehearsal 2 1. /7. Irruptive Cetacean Overland Locomotion 2./8. Agnotocastor Rumpus Joined By Overexcited Menodus 3./9. SN1054 4. [show & rehearsal 1] My Teenage Castle / 10. [rehearsals 2 & 3] My Tumbling Absence 5./11. The Cohoes Mastodon Oscillates Unselfconsciously In The Ionosphere 6./12. Admonitum Tripartitus (With Otamatonic Addendum)

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