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"Wolfrahm" is the latest work by UK artist Richard Skelton, who records under many different guises, including A Broken Consort and Carousell. It's the follow-up to 2007's "A Moraine", and continues his preoccupation with landscapes, land formation, erosion, decay and renewal. The album's title is a reference to the mineral ore that produces Tungsten - a metal, which amongst other things, is used to make violin strings. The music itself brims with a rich, textural ebb and flow - a sonorous drift of shifting layers, with dark seams of beautiful, bowed melodies and eddying, turbulent undertow . Review from VITALWEEKLY No 699 CLOUWBECK - WOLFRAHM (CDR by Shining Day) Richard Skelton is the man behind Clouwbeck, as well as the man behind A Broken Consort and Carousell, all of which I don't think I heard before. There are six pieces on this, all of which seem to use the violin as the source of the sound. Its unprocessed in that way that it sounds like a violin still. Multitracked, maybe with some extra reverb and/or a bit of other electronica. Melancholic music. Music for landscapes, which seem to be a Skelton obsession: "landscapes, land formation, erosion, decay and renewal" it says on the website. Landscapes without human beings, desolate and empty, with a grey sky about it. That's how the music of Skelton can be best described. Chilly, autumn, rather than winter, music. The winter can be bright and cold, autumn can be grey and yet still be a bit warm. Excellent atmospheric music, a bit modern classical, a bit of drone, but all quite natural sounding. Very much the perfect soundtrack for a grey sunday afternoon. (FdW)

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