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Darren Tate & Daniel Thackray  'Duets'  CDR  *REDUCED PRICE!*

Darren Tate & Daniel Thackray 'Duets' CDR *REDUCED PRICE!*



9.3.18  It's been a while since Darren has released a new work & now we have something which is quite suprising. This was recorded with Daniel Thackray, who contributes percussion, vocalisations & various other noises. In some ways this is an extension of some of Darren's more live improvised solo works, giving a very 'of the moment' feel. don't know if you're allowed to describe something as 'ethnic' these days, or maybe that's just a lazy term for what's happening here. One 40 minute long track. An edition of only 60 copies signed by both performers, each copy handmade & each one with a different piece of artwork. Please excuse the blurred photograph! Get it while you can......

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