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Fovea Hex - Huge CD

Fovea Hex - Huge CD

Fovea Hex continues to shape-shift and to evade & confound those who bray "what exactly IS it?", and "where does it BELONG exactly?", and "who exactly belongs to IT?". If you must bang on the table like that, you won't hear a thing. If this music could be described as "up-to-the-moment", then perhaps we could use an up-to-the-moment term like "collective". But eschewing all Fashion Accessory stalls, it lives as many miles away from the shock'n'awe factory beloved of the avant-garde, as it does from the souvenir-strewn temple of the new nostalgics. All in all, Fovea Hex is something more akin to a labrynthine ensemble of associates, some recent, some ancient, some close to the core, some distant, some very heard-of and some never-heard-of, all of whom showed willing and able, at some point in time (and for reasons best known to themselves) to slither in and help prepare and perform these songs and quasi-songs written — or at least started-off — by Clodagh Simonds. "Songs that don't go where you think. With voices to match......" somebody said recently. At the end of the day, that's about all that can be said with any kind of a certainty.

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