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Jonathan Coleclough & Colin Potter Bad Light CD

Jonathan Coleclough & Colin Potter Bad Light CD

3 collaborations between Coleclough & Potter from 2002-2008.Beautiful hand-made card sleeve with obie by Jonathan. REVIEW FROM PARIS TRANSATLANTIC *Bad Light* consists of three tracks by Coleclough and Colin Potter dating from between 2002 and 2008. Featuring various types of raw materials (the first movement begins with gradually detuned steel strings), the adjective that springs to mind to describe it is "imposing", particularly when besieged by the final thirty minutes, an evil-boding mood permeating the environment as you pace the room and feel how its walls and the corners respond to the diffusion of the sonic mass. Given the palpable psychological influence and the sheer vibrational power, this is an excellent starting point for the inexperienced. (Massimo Ricci)

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