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Jonathan Coleclough & Colin Potter - Low Ground CD

Jonathan Coleclough & Colin Potter - Low Ground CD

The 74 minute album contains 2 solo & 3 duo tracks. Potter's 'Sinister Dexter' is a long electronic piece that increases in density before morphing into a peculiar procession of mysterious travellers. Coleclough's 'Tunnel' is constructed entirely from field recordings processed to sound like huge droning gongs or horns to accompany a journey along a dark underground canal. The third track is a live recording by the duo, which is perfectly described by It's title, 'Shudder'. The two remaining tracks, 'Beech Flutter' & 'Beech Shadow' are also duo pieces, with each partner providing a mix, both offering a completely different perspective. The sounds of the forest joins with a metallic string section. Peace reigns supreme.

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