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Murmer - They Were Dreaming They Were Stones CD

Murmer - They Were Dreaming They Were Stones CD

They Were Dreaming They Were Stones (GF030): This piece was composed very slowly over the course of the last two years; part one came first - inspired by the hypnotic rhythm of the ancient gas meter in my basement - and was then left alone for about a year. Finally, with a desire to reuse some old telephone feedback recordings that had been made for a composition that I hadn't been happy with, the prologue came into existence, and then, much later, the longer conglomeration of parts two, three and four. I mastered these as a single track as, while they are three distinct parts, they do not have distinct transitions, blending slowly from one into the next. The piece shares many of its elements with the live soundtrack to the show K.A.., which I have been performing over the past year with the French performance company Urba. The earlier parts were completed when rehearsals began, and were integrated into the show, and much of the latter work came directly out of the rehearsal process. - Patrick McGinley track info: prologue (06:42): car seat massager, telephones, the brooklyn bridge part one (11:39): gas meter, feedback, car seat massager parts two: hewitt's cove marina, elevator shaft three: ringtone and four (43:03): airplane cabin, turkish football victory celebrations, 600 gallon galvanized steel water tank all source recordings made between 1999 and 2003 composed 2002/2003 using minidisc, 8-track and effects

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