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OOPHOI 'Upuaut' CD

OOPHOI 'Upuaut' CD

Upuaut is the unique, over 65 minutes long composition recorded by the Italian drone-ambient musician Oöphoi featuring Amir Baghiri and Mathias Grassow, who back in 1999 joined as guests during one special private concert. Since then it's been circulating around the world as hard to find and poor (often bootlegged) CD-R releases only and now "Upuaut" is finally officially and properly released. Fully re-mastered, repackaged, including the Great pyramid chamber updated diagram and the liner notes from the Egyptologist Dr. J.J. Hurtak, "Upuaut" is one of the most profound, magical and sonically improved releases from Oöphoi's extensive discography. Oöphoi explains: "I came across the Upuaut story a few years ago while reading a book about Alchemy and Sacred Geometry. A German engineer, Rudolf Gantenbrink, with the aid of a small robot called Upuaut, was trying to discover the secrets of a hidden, unreachable room inside the Pyramid of Cheops. Nobody knows the secret of that small room, and maybe we'll never be able to discover it. The music is a deep exploration of unknown realms, an immersion into a timeless dimension, with waves of spectral sounds that slowly unfold in a dense and mystical atmosphere, trying to strip down the veil of mystery. Upuaut is a symbolic journey from Darkness to Light."

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