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Pantaleimon - Heart of the Sun CD

Pantaleimon - Heart of the Sun CD

Full list of tracks and remixers: At Dawn (Vogel) Andrew W.K • The Sun Came Out (Dawn Porous) Colin Potter • Under The Water (Iridescence) Fovea Hex • All The Birds (Melting Canvas) Andrew Liles • Today For Shore Pantaleimon • Storm And Thunder (Toxoplasmosis) The Bricoleur • Bourne (Somnialescent) Stephen O’Malley • Even If Love (Eclipse) Susan Stenger • Raw Heart (Cloisters) Plinth • Heart Of The Sun (Shimmering) Pantaleimon with Strings Of Consciousness • We Love (Pink Light ) Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo • High Star (Celestial Voices) Cartertutti • I Am (Solar Dust) Lilium • Another Day Tomorrow Pantaleimon

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