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Steven Stapleton & Tony Wakeford 'Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish' CD


A welcome re-issue of this album, with an extra disc of alternate mixes & remixes.

There's not a great deal I remember from these sessions. I remember meeting Tony whilst working on Current 93's 'Christ and the Pale Queens' album. I remember Tony being a very sarcastic and funny man, a natural comedian. I remember laughing a lot. I remember thinking that adding an anvil to one of Tony's hauntingly beautiful love songs was maybe a touch brutal. I remember spending a week together in Colin Potter's studio shed at the bottom of his Tollerton garden. I remember gathering many reels of recorded material and scuttling of to my London flat where my beloved Revox lay. I remember working feverishly with a razor blade, cutting up lots of tapes. And finally, I remember wishing I could see Tony's face after turning him and myself into seafaring mollusks.

Steven Stapleton, Cooloorta, April 16th 2009

I entered the vault of WSD picking my way past the sacks of gold, each sack embossed with the name of a director on. Mr Stapleton was present with his artwork for our collaboration. Much stifled giggling from the directors. "You won't like it," they hissed in unison. I, of course, loved having my face grafted onto a mollusk: who wouldn't? As for the recording, we would adjourn to the local pub for lunch. So I was pissed and Mr. Stapleton stoned for much of the recording. Which may or may not explain a lot.

Tony Wakeford, London, March, 2009

Track Listing
  1. Falling From Heaven (3:06)
  2. Amoeba (0:16)
  3. Amphimixis (2:59)
  4. Revenge Of The Selfish Shellfish (3:43)
  5. Walk The White Ghost (5:06)
  6. Lucifer Before Sunrise (5:22)
  7. Flower Dream Song (5:43)
  8. Our Lady Of The Wild Flowers (5:53)
  9. The Frightened City (10:34) [ud069]
  10. Melancholy Of The Street (1:18)
Bonus Disc
  1. The Frightened City (Nameless Dread Mix) - Irr. App. (Ext.) (16:54)
  2. Whelk - Steven Stapleton (7:35)
  3. Mussel - Steven Stapleton (8:15)
  4. Sea Slug - Steven Stapleton (5:04)
  5. Oyster Sauce Remix - Brian Conniffe (10:21)
  6. Slower Dream Fog - Tony Wakeford (5:32)
  7. Our Lady Of The Bile Flowers - Tony Wakeford (3:58)
  8. The Frightened City (Clubbed To Death Mix) - Andrew Liles (17:52)

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