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Colin Potter 'See' CD


Originally released on cassette by ICR in 1990, this was reissued on CD by Infraction, with an extra track in a similar vein.

**PLEASE NOTE**  Back in 2002 the label used a budget CD pressing plant from down under. When you're starting out, budget pressing plants/printers was almost necessary. The CDs sounded fine, but each release had an excess of ordered inserts (o.k. fine), misprinted paper inserts (er, well...) or in the case of 'See' - a completely misbranded disc with an arbitrary color (??! F*&#). This misprinted edition says "Andrew Liles 'an un world'" but is actually Potter's 'See' recording. There are probably 300 copies of these. The inserts are fairly accurate, although some of them just omit "Infraction" altogether. HENCE THE LOW PRICE!

Review from Prog Archives (!?!)

Beware of this release's addictive side-effects. (May cause the need to continue listening to its dream like, slow paced, cosmic, ethereal aural reality, when it stops.)

Colin Potter's quantum leap into the world of progressive electronics with his own imprint and crystal clear focus of where he wants to go, no holds barred!

"SEE", first released in 1990 with 2 tracks and re-released in a incomparable, as few, extended versions, version, adding another 24 minute composition written in 2002, as flawless and creative as its elder siblings.

There is something in this trilogy of compositions that adds up an extraordinary range of sonic electronic/drone possibilities , yet its up front attractive nature develops under-keyed, as if to entertain those patient, attentive and perceptive listeners only. Therefore its true powers rely on flawless and detailed musicality rather than electronic fireworks and above all a unique footprint in a quiet traveled road, which in this P.E. world, means GOLD.

*****5 PA stars.

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