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Mouldycliff, Potter, Mouldycliff   'Imaginary Conversations' CD

Mouldycliff, Potter, Mouldycliff 'Imaginary Conversations' CD


December 2018    MPM is Jackson & Phil Mouldycliff & Colin Potter.

IMAGINARY CONVERSATIONS combines the compositions of JACKSON MOULDYCLIFF, an audio-visual artist exploring the possibilities of found sound and ambient music, with mixing, sound processing and studio production by COLIN POTTER and additional soundscapes by PHIL MOULDYCLIFF.

One : LAID IN STONE      Heavily transformed and remixed by Colin from an original free improvisation by Dead Mountaineers guitarist Tim Greenwood with Jackson and Phil on electronic devices; this piece is the soundtrack to the experimental video work “Parade” by Fremantle-based artist David Carson.  You can watch & listen here :

Two : STENOGRAPHY          

Three : PROCESSION           


Three short pieces developed from original recordings of commonplace objects including sticks, bells, chains and typewriters. Another video to accompany 'Driftwood' is here : 

Five : OUT OF STEP               .


Seven : IMAGINARY CONVERSATIONS    This piece was created to accompany an exhibition of the same name, of works by artists Charlie Holt and by Phil Mouldycliff.

All tracks constructed, produced and mixed by Jackson, Colin & Phil at IC Studio, London 2018.

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