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Nurse With Wound  'Barren'  2CD

Nurse With Wound 'Barren' 2CD


Released November 20th 2020

ICR is happy to announce our latest release - a double CD with 2 recordings of concerts by NWW that are judged to be amongst their most unusual performances.

The first is from Florence in 2012 with the lineup of Steven Stapleton, Paul Beauchamp & Colin Potter. The second is from Karlsruhe in 2013 when the performers were Stapleton, Potter & Andrew Liles.

Disc 1 'Confluence' incorporating 'Letter from Topor' & 'Eyes's of a Scanning Girl' 55'57''

Disc 2 ''Transfiguration' incorporating 'Opium Cabaret' 57'38''

Housed in a 6-panel full colour Santini-designed digipack.

Review from Boomkat :

By name and nature ’Barren’ yields a clammy quintessence of NWW, playing live in various configurations in Florence and Karlsruhe, 2012/2013, with both judged to be among their most unusual recordings. 

The ‘Confluence’ parts document the lineup of Steven Stapleton flanked by Paul Beauchamp and Colin Potter, performing at Museo Marino Marini, Florence, in 2012. For just shy of an hour’s length, the trio transition from an oily ooze of searching synth drones, chime trees, and death knell bells, to more gripping tracts of atone psychedelia benefiting from Beauchamp’s texturised electronics, and ultimately slipping down steepest wormholes into stygian rivers of pulsating sludge and epiphanic noise. 

Their ‘Transfiguration’ quota follows with recordings made at ZKM Centre For Art & Media, Karlsruhe, Germany during the following year. A classic lineup of Steven Stapleton, Colin Potter and Andrew Liles commune at their quietest, incorporating elements of the still-to-be-released ‘Opium Cabaret’ in its super wide, reverberant soundsphere fleshed out with plasmic desert guitar tones, gloaming ether voices and ritualistic midnight atmospheres that eventually pass out into nerve-gnawing discord.

Lock the doors, shut the lights; it’s going to be a long night in with this one.


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