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Nurse With Wound  'The Little Dipper Minus Two Plus (Echo Poeme Sequences) CD *BACK IN STOCK!*

Nurse With Wound 'The Little Dipper Minus Two Plus (Echo Poeme Sequences) CD *BACK IN STOCK!*


May 2023

ICR is pleased to re-issue this long deleted release, now enhanced for CD in a gatefold ecopack.

This originally came out in 2005 on CDR, as a limited edition of only 200 copies by ICR and Klanggalerie, only available at the Vienna live shows featuring Steve Stapleton, Colin Potter, Andrew Liles, Matt Waldron and Diana Rogerson. The gigs were held on 6 & 7 May 2005 at The Anatomical Museum / Narrenturm, Vienna (Austria). Each concert was limited to 50 seats. Fun was had. Lab coats optional.

Thanks to Petr Vastl, Amantine, Isabelle, Doris & Walter Robotka of Klanggalerie.

Cover by Babs

Review from Boomkat :

This new edition via Colin Potter’s ICR label features the original plus two new works, totalling 54 minutes that render the original piece of eerily naif sound poetry into vast spectral space clearly betraying Colin Potter’s phantasmic touch at play.  

As is the way with NWW works, it would appear that even the purported original piece is not what appeared on the CDr, as this 17’ version is much quieter and shy of the seasick creaks and descent into noise on the 19’ CDr mix. Here it forms a more seductive introduction to the fuller course, where air raid sirens and endless reverb opens the lather of whispered intimations into an oily drone roil that comes up from the belly to the head like some regression to a c.20th Europe at war in the ‘#2’, before settling down to a slower, fractal gunk of percolated french phonemes and choral drift in its half hour ‘#3’ section, underlying current of percussion threatening to pull one under the surface.


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