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irr. app. (ext.) Resurrection Of The Senses [expanded edition] CD

irr. app. (ext.) Resurrection Of The Senses [expanded edition] CD


Remastered, sonically enhanced and expanded version of an EP that was originally released in 2004 and (mostly) only available as part of the 120-copy art edition of ‘Perekluchenie’. All tracks have been given a thorough scrubbing and have been remixed from the original recordings. ‘Festina Lente’ in particular has been given a deep-down-from-the-bones-up reconstruction job in an attempt to achieve it’s full sonic potential. Also included is the brand new track ‘Lassa Valde’, which takes the ‘Festina’ sources in a completely different direction. Fully-printed, cottage-made CDR released by errata in excelsis [eie019] in an edition of 200. Packaged in a clear jewel case with a fold-out insert and double-sided tray card. Duration: 39:46.

1. Link Stutter Resolution Follows Tardigrade, Forgive Me [5:57]
2. Link Stutter Resolution Follows Tardigrade, Forget Me [9:06]
3. Festina Lente [11:58]
4. Lassa Valde [12:42]

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