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Darren Tate & Paul Bradley 'DroneReworks 4' CD


Back in 2004 Paul Bradley started a sub-label to his Twenty Hertz imprint called Drone Works. The principle was that he would ask ‘fellow travellers’ to make a piece of around 20 minutes, each of which would be released as a simple CDR. Fourth in the series was the surprisingly titled ‘Drone Works 4’ by Darren Tate,a piece that I was particularly fond of. Fast forward 17 years and Darren decided to do a limited art edition re-release, a copy of which he sent to me. I was surprised to find that it was a double CDR, comprising 2 tracks per disc, all variations of the same theme. When I asked him about this he said that originally he had sent a track of organ improvisations to Paul, who had then made 4 versions using the source recording. Darren chose his favourite, which became the release and the other variations remained unheard until 2021. I listened to both discs many times and enjoyed them very much. I came to the conclusion that they deserved a wider release. With a little editing, I managed to fit all 4 tracks on to a single CD. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Colin Potter, London 2022

Darrent Tate : Electric organ, artwork      Paul Bradley : Remixing and re-imagining

Edited & mastered : Colin Potter, IC Studio, London

Design & layout : Jonathan Coleclough

Review from Vital Weekly by Frans de Waard :

It seems very much the sort of drone music that 'we' did in the early part of this century, with much thanks to the possibilities of the computer. Sounds that lasted only a few seconds are stretched ad infinitum, then layered and pushed around with more sound effects. Long, slowly these fades are to get to the next section and are usually pitched down to get to the lower end of the sound spectrum. Tate's organ shines through ever so often and sometimes entirely disappears in the mist of processing. Of course, the beauty of this music is that it sounds like a natural drone and not like a piece of computer music working overtime; in the four pieces, that isn't happening. I couldn't say if I made the same choice as Tate in 2004, as all four pieces are lovely pieces of deep and dark ambient music. As such, Potter did a wise thing to release all of these versions. I didn't prefer one, nor I think there was one that didn't fit. Good, solid drone music from a different time.

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