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APM - Sprint Mill CD

APM - Sprint Mill CD

As near to perfect production as you can find that captures the spirit of a person and a place. Sprint Mill, Edward Acland’s studio and workspace, stands at a southern gateway for the traveller who pauses before entering the paradigmatic terrain of the Lake District in Cumbria. The waters that start high in the upper fells of deepest Lakeland tumble and fall past the site of the nineteenth century mill and its environs before joining other rivers and flowing on through to the sea at Morecambe Bay. The journey of the waters of the River Sprint stand opposed to the archaeology of Sprint Mill that breathes a melancholia of industry past. The intimacy of the mill living alongside its restless aquatic partner is best captured through a sonic landscape. This triple collaboration between Colin Potter, Phil Mouldycliff and Chris Atkins arises through site visits, field recording, ruminations and production works that come together to seamlessly evoke a land that time forgot, almost.

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