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Colin Potter 'Here' Double LP


New & unplayed. Signed copy.


Released date June 2019

First-time ever vinyl release of this re-mastered album, which first saw the light of day in 1981. Expanded with the addition of some extra tracks which appeared on a compilation around the same time. Coming out on the Polytechnic Youth label, this is an edition of only 300 copies, in a beautiful glossy sleeve with Grafik-Design by Herr Jonathan Coleclough.

This album marked a move away from some of the more song-orientated music made up to then, towards purely instrumental tracks. On the sleeve it is described as ‘rural electronic music’ which was to some extent a reflection of life in a small village in North Yorkshire. 

You can hear 'Here' here :

Electronic Sound magazine review : 'Potter's ear for the beauty and transcendence to be found in drones is augmented with his skill as a sound designer, further evidenced with the side-and-a-half long piece 'Gas' which starts out Frippertronic-esque and gradually hardens into arpeggiating synths and ragged atonal soloing. Hypnotic, immersive and strange.'

Juno Records Review : 'Cult artist Colin Potter has been serving up superb albums for decades, with each year bringing a new clutch of solo or collaborative excursions. "Here", the veteran experimentalist's first outing for Poytechnic Youth, is another must-check affair. This time he's in a dark and intoxicating mood, offering up atmospheric soundscapes rich in woozy modular electronics, fuzzy guitar solos, metronomic post-punk bass, unsettling ambient chords, horror soundtrack aesthetics and off-kilter, delay-laden drums. It reminded us a little of early Joy Division, Chris Watson-era Cabaret Voltaire and other DIY-era experimentalists, though there's little doubt that it's a Colin Potter record'.


A.1  Two Feet on the Ground

A.2  Hear

A.3  500,001 Blades of Grass

B.1  Shallow Water

B.2  499.999 Blades of Grass

C.1  Gas (part 1)

D.1  Gas (part 2)

D.2 One Million Blades of Grass



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