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Circaea  ' The Bridge of Dreams'  LP *REDUCED PRICE!*

Circaea ' The Bridge of Dreams' LP *REDUCED PRICE!*



Circea is the recording trio of Andrew Chalk, Tom James Scott and Ecka Mordecai, a collective whose individual practises, while unique and storied, don't prepare the listener for the sheer romance and beauty of Bridge Of Dreams.
Bridge Of Dreams is a flight of fancy that nails a sweet spot between abstract minimalism and exotic, weeping tones. With bowed cello sweeping elegantly around understated, fastidious piano playing by Scott, Bridge Of Dreams feels like the curtain being parted quietly on a new world both elegiac and comforting at the same time. The space in the compositions often feels like an instrument in of itself, with big gulps of air existing between the piano keys and woodwind. At plenty of points on Bridge Of Dreams we feel like we're lost in an enchanted forest, enveloped by a forced solitude that blossoms into revelation. Some of the motifs used, like the aching string sections that swell with emotional crests feel almost like the most crushing points in a Disney film but there's a reserved, sharp compositional skill at play that prevents any of this rich music sounding too saccharine. A subtle drone, a cello scratched, inconclusive tonal clusters tenderly pattering on the ivories.. the attention to detail is a ballast to the most heady, sweeping moments and Bridge Of Dreams is stronger for it.

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