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Marsfield  'The Innocents'  LP *REDUCED PRICE!*

Marsfield 'The Innocents' LP *REDUCED PRICE!*

Released July 2019. An edition of 300  copies. 
Mastered by Earlabs. Cut onto lacquer at 33/45 in London by Noel Summerville.
Marsfield is ; Brendan Walls & Andrew Chalk
The Innocentswas begun a long time ago, in 2007 in fact and hence the strange chronology of the Faraway Press catalogue, seeing it ina completed form in early 2019, finally.
The first side of the album (Viae Memoriae = from memory) originates from the start and Vikki Jackman plays piano here, it being the time of her two albums on Faraway Press...
After much dialogue and life changing events, The Innocents became quite a story in its own right. The second side is more biographical and fuses together the album with its synthetic oboe playing and thundering piano that is its conclusion.
"Vines completely cover the grey building. Grass grows at the windows with such hardiness that even the small trees inside have died for want of light.
Rivulets of rainwater run down the walls to feed the roots of the rubber plants that tear at the footings.
There are intermittent bursts of static from the lower chambers that set the sodden birds into flight. Deep within the building there is a steady low hum.
At times when the winds rest and the torrential rain eases, the long low tone carries across the vast fields of desolate green vigour, the eternal stretches of mud, the muscular foxes, the rats, rabbits and burrowing animals which toil ceaselessly in the hills. The tone rebounds from the far cliff walls and
echoes back towards the building where it meets with its original source; doubling and thickening in those touching places. The Garden that arises there teams with fruit and flower and the children can scarcely contain their delight at the ecstatic jostling of fresh shoots and berries."

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