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MECÁNICA CLÁSICA 'Vientos Eléctricos' LP


January 2020  A new release fron the excellent Spanish label Abstrakce, This is an excellent album of 'electronic music' which is very engaging. Mastered by Colin Potter at IC Studio, who said “Trippy! Definitely ‘classic’ electronic synth music, but with a modern edge.”   Received a great review in the January issue of Electronic Sound magazine - ''Vientos Electricos'' is a cosmic exploration of sound modulation.It's full of meandering rhythms, ambient passages and bleeping synth sequences''

An ambient journey to the inner reaches of the sound modulation. Weird rhythms that are reminisent of Craig Leon, blended with synth sequences close to the kosmische Berlin School and experimental guitars giving an organic touch. An LP of experimental minimal electronics with ambient traces. A cyclical cloud that renovates the gerography of places already explored by artists such as Dieter Moebius, Steve Hauschild, Conrad Schnitzler, Cluster, Harmonia

Mecánica Clásica is a new project bound by members of some of the most interesting electronic projects in Spain, such as Güiro Meets Russia and Polígono Hindú Astral, altogether with the restless experimentation of Negro or Mental Signals.

Recorded and mixed by Mecánica Clásica. Mastered by Colin Potter. Co-released with Humo Internacional. Limited edition of 300 copies

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