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And Then CD


Released in 2000, shortly after ICR had returned as an operating label, this was the first solo album since the 90s from Colin Potter, perhaps best known as a collaborator with and engineer for Nurse With Wound, Current 93, Ora, Monos, Kiln and many others. Over 62 minutes a wide range of sounds pass—languid sway, relentless rhythms and rolling drones—sounds that were never meant to be—steam engines lost in space, galleons passing in electric fog, static in the flowers. 'This isn't steady state music; it's just had all the edges filed off. The overall feel is very emotional, very strong and the variation helps sustain interest. Indeed, the music's rate of change has been well judged to keep pace with the world outside'—review in 'The Wire' magazine by Andi Chapple.


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