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Andrew Chalk  'Higan' LP *REDUCED PRICE!*

Andrew Chalk 'Higan' LP *REDUCED PRICE!*



June 2021. Originally released  as a limited edition of 100 on cassette back in 2016. Two very enjoyable side-long pieces, with a more melodic approach by Andrew. Includes duotone litho fold out insert.

Review from The Ominous Drone website : “Higan” features two 17 minute pieces that I would describe as pastoral. Electronic keys ebbing and flowing at a gentle pace sounding somewhat like horns and strings While the title track is a bit deeper and richer “Kanashiki Haibun” takes on a more crystalline feel with higher pitches and odd chirps and warbles now and then, maybe more clarinet and flute influenced than Higan. I would describe this as far more musical than most of his previous, more drone-oriented releases.

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