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Daisuke Suzuki  'D.D.D.'  CD

Daisuke Suzuki 'D.D.D.' CD


D.D.D.’ is a field recording album recorded by Daisuke Suzuki and was originally
released by Texas based IDEA in 2001 in an edition of 300 copies on LP.
Sometimes field recordings can be appreciated in relation to the conceptual art form, or as an on-site sound study and documentation of a very specific phenomena. However, Daisuke had no concept of the idea of building sonic panoramas and was specifically only concerned with gathering lots of intriguing sound matter for his personal listening.‘D.D.D.’ was mastered by Gary Todd, who was the founder of the Cortical Foundation. Gary and Daisuke became good friends when Gary visited Japan as Red Crayola live sound engineer in the late 1990s and they developed a mutual trust with each other after that.
Sadly in September 2001, Gary fell from his apartment balcony, which left him hospitalized ever since. On June 25, 2022 Gary passed away at the age of 59. Daisuke said “Gary was always generous and had a kind heart. He gave me a lot of friendship and warmth. I’ve decided to re-issue 'D.D.D.' to keep him in memory and heart.”
The CD includes an expanded version of ‘Cricket Voice’ which did not appear on the original IDEA LP release. The CD is in edition 200 copies and is presented in a facsimile card sleeve of the original release, newly designed by Andrew Chalk

Review by Frans De Waard, Vital weekly :

The triple D stands for 'Duck! Duck! Duck!', of which there are two parts on this CD, plus 'Cricket Voice'. All three pieces use extensive field recordings. Or, maybe, even solely. I am unsure about that. It seems he didn't do much else to these recordings, no processing or anything, but perhaps some of this stuff is looped. You can never be too sure about the nature of things, as there is a lot of repetition going on on a superficial level. Editing, however, seems very likely. The titles are giveaways for the sound sources, ducks and crickets, with the latter being exceptionally high frequencies. With almost forty minutes, this is twice as long as the original and something that I like to play at a somewhat low volume. The whole disc works best at a slightly diminished volume, keeping it ambient within the ambience of one's homeenvironment. It's all very basic but charming music.

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