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Darren Tate 'Nothing by Chance' CD

Darren Tate 'Nothing by Chance' CD



A re-issue of only 50 numbered copies, each with a different photo on the front.

REVIEW FROM TOUCHING EXTREMES 'Maybe the excellent multi-talents of Darren Tate reach their maximum potential when, as in this record’s first track, electronic hypnotics reinforce his already noticeable use of enhanced direct field recordings. “Nothing by chance”, like almost all Darren’s releases, never assaults the ear though being variously engaging and attention-catching; it sets borders to territories when one feels confident entering even if it’s clear nobody knows what’s gonna happen. This is “earthy” music in the strictest sense: water sounds are pretty much surrounding the listener – which seems to be sort of a signature for this English soundscaper – and those motors appearing and disappearing far away like celestial gnomes make sure we feel relieved…After all, getting back won’t take too long; even if it’s late and it’s raining, distant muffled piano chords show the way home.'


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