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Diana Rogerson 'blue bottle in a jam jar' CD


First release in a long time from Diana Rogerson, aided & abetted by Matt Waldron & Zimmerman (no, me neither). An unusual & interesting album, sounding like a cross between Chrystal Belle Scrodd & Digipack released by the US label Nihilist.

Review by Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly : I am surprised that it is a new one which sees the involvement of Matt Waldron, also known as Irr. App (Ext) and member of Nurse With Wound, and somebody named Zimmerman, providing sounds on all tracks. The credits are unclear, so I'm unsure who did what. The music starts with a very NWW-ish piece of rhythm, guitar, and vocals and has that kraut feeling. I thought if this is the mood for the entire CD, this might not be Vital Weekly material. It is not the general tone, but elements return. Guitars play a big role, along with Rogerson's vocals. She sings, howls, recites, and extracts sounds. The studio-as-instrument, the big canvas to paint with audio, something which many people do, and the music in which the Nurse With Wound influences is audible. Layering unrelated sound events and finding a balance to create a story. Diane Rogerson does a great job. Heavily obscured sounds, along with her voice, gives the music a rather radiophonic and sound poetry-like nature. Sometimes quiet and intimate, something loud and jubilant; in that sense, the album is another trip, a whole journey through various emotions and covers the entire human spirit. Great release!


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