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ELODIE  'Odyssee' CD

ELODIE 'Odyssee' CD

Elodie here featuring core members Timo van Luijk and Andrew Chalk, playing live in Germany
in 2015. Performing a pure duet of flute and string synthesizer over one episodic track 'Odyssee',
a poetic and melancholy synchronous soundtrack to a film made and shown by van Luijk on the same evening.
'Odyssee' was mastered for CD release by Denis Blackham and is packaged in handmade gatefold mini LP style sleeve with Japanese language obi.

Review by Freek Kinkelaar on Vital Weekly :  Elodie’s 'Odyssee Musique En Scene II' is the latest offering by Elodie on Faraway Press. Elodie is a musical collaboration featuring Chalk and Timo van Luyk, which first released their particular brand of ambient music, as in a combination of keyboards, wind instruments and ROOM in 2011. Their previous offerings, either on Faraway Press or Van Luyk’s equally impressive La Scie Dorée label have, for obvious reasons, never failed to impress me. This album was recorded live at the
Gerauschwelten Festival in Münster on 7 February 2015. It is a brief performance, 33 minutes, but
let me assure you that quality always goes over quantity. This half hour+ is a gorgeous, shimmering
beautiful listen. Resting on a soft bed of keyboards and various flutes, Elodie takes you on an
odyssee that is calming and soothing, without ever becoming a cliché. The atmosphere and warmth
of the recording is just perfect. The applause at the end is a reminder this was done live, proving
not only the sheer quality of playing, but also of the remarkable high quality of interaction between
these two musicians and the space they are performing in. As you might have guessed, 'Odyssee',
handsomely packed in a sturdy carton gatefold cover, is a highly recommended release.

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