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27.9.22  We have managed to get a small number of these beautiful releases from Mr. Waldron.

Edition of 50 CDRs with printed discs, single-panel inserts and double-sided tray cards, housed in a clear jewel case. Each copy is signed & hand-numbered. Self-generated at home: not a manufactured item.    

A Transfigured System {2018}  [eie dig027] 

1. First Disposition: A Thing Is Set In Motion Towards Something Else, Imparting An Aspect Of Otherness To It So That It Is No Longer Identical With Itself

2. Second Disposition: A Thing Encounters The Substance Of This Other Thing That Has Been Modified From Its Original Configuration, While Also Converging With Various Things That Happen To Be Nearby

3. Third Disposition: A Thing Emerges From These Encounters Which Is The Sum Of All Aspects Of The Primordial States Of The Antecedental Things, But Now Is Also Something That Is Fundamentally Unlike Them

4. Fourth Disposition: A New Thing Is Set In Motion

Outlined & arranged in fits & segments between October 2015 and September 2018. Final assembly & mastering at Rock Creek Tributary in Hillsboro, OR in September 2018.

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