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The last irr. contribution to the now-defunct ReadyMades Tapes label was the 30-minute cassette ‘Matériaux Déplacés’, the two 15-minute tracks on which investigated methods of combining specific location & incident recordings, object manipulation, naïve explorations with prepared & unprepared upright piano (many with an emphasis on the surface noises created by contact with the piano, rather than the musical tones), and the amplified sounds of plumbing and (usually malfunctioning) mechanical devices. The intention was more to suggest an acoustic ‘circumstance’ rather than create a ‘composition’: an implied setting that listeners would hopefully particularise themselves based on their own associations to the sounds as presented. This expanded, double-disc version elaborates and deconstructs this idea of acoustically-implied ‘circumstances’ even further, adding several similarly-themed tracks from the archive of irr. submissions to the Nine Day Antler Society, and linking them with a series of short intervals — some of these sparsely embellished examples of the original piano experiments, and others isolated extracts of a variety of specific location recordings captured under specific circumstances. Overall, a subtler and more understated collection than most previous irr. releases. Several new collage images following in the style of the original cassette cover have been created to complete the package.

Fully-printed, cottage-made double CDR released by errata in excelsis [eie020] in an edition of 120. Packaged in a clear double-disc jewel case with a fold-out four panel insert and double-sided tray card.

Duration: (1) 46:24 ; (2) 49:06.

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