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Kiln - 'One'  CD  * REDUCED PRICE!*

Kiln - 'One' CD * REDUCED PRICE!*


A masterpiece! Years ahead of their time,incorporating 2 free improv masters(Tony Moore - cello & Jon Corbett - trumpet)being electronically processed,sampled & generally fucked about live by Colin Potter. Your chance to get it at less than half price! KILN - One (CD by Contemporary Art Production)


KILN - WITH CHRIS SACKER (CD by Contemporary Art Production) KILN - WASSERTURM (CD by Contemporary Art Production) I'm not sure we have a new group here. The label is, as the catalogue-numbers go from 1 to 3. Kiln is Jon Corbet (trumpets), Tony Moore (cello) and Colin Potter (sound manipulation). Chris Sacker (voice, text, body sound) contributes on the second cd as a guest. Pete McPhail (alto and sopranino saxophones, flutes and electronics) joins the group on 'Wasserturm'. 'Wasserturm' refers to the Water Tower in Preston where Potter has his studio. Corbett, Moore and McPhail, all played a lot with a great diversity of english jazz and improvised music combo's. Corbett for instance played a lot with Pete Dunmall. McPhail played with the London Composers Orchestra, MoirÈ Music, Talisker, Resound (with Tony Moore) and many more. All three of them are advanced improvisors. Colin Potter needs no introduction for Vital readers I suppose. He built up a considerable output of solo work over the works and is known for his work with Nurse with Wound, Ora, Jonathan Coleclough, Andrew Chalk, etc. I have no information on Chris Sacker. Anyway, together they make up Kiln and what is Kiln about? What we hear is intense and concentrated improvised music on cello, trumpet, saxes and voice. But all sounds are transformed, mutated, altered etc. by Colin Potter. I have no idea whether he did this live or afterwards in the studio. What we hear is the interaction as it was played. So the dynamic of live improvised music remains in tact. It is only that the sounds are heavily processed. Not to an extent that the instruments are beyond recognition. Far from it. But Potter definitely adds a new dimension to the music. I guess he did this live and that makes Kiln a very interesting marriage of live electronics and improvisation. Never heard something like it. (DM) Review from VITAL WEEKLY number 336, week 34

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