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Nurse With Wound 'Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish' Blue Vinyl


February 2024

For the first time on vinyl since its original 1992 release (Tursa),
Nihilist Recordings proudly presents REVENGE OF THE SELFISH SHELLFISH. Your choice of neon green or teal transparent vinyl (250 of each color) , housed in sturdy gloss finished gatefold jackets with full-color 4 panel inserts. Now with glorious additional new artwork by M.S. WALDRON.

Review from Brainwashed : Although, Stapleton is essentially Nurse With Wound, the fact that this was released under his own name is revealing. Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish sounds like something else altogether and it is not just the large presence of Wakeford as it is also removed from his solo work and the Nurse With Wound releases that he also features on. The music swerves between Stapleton’s crooked surrealism and Wakeford’s more song orientated approach but never settles on either of the duo’s respective styles. The liner notes state that neither artist was compos mentis either due to drink or drugs for the recording session so it seems that in their inebriated and uninhibited state that they forged some new middle ground between them.

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