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NWW/C93/Coil  'England's Hidden Reverse'  CD

NWW/C93/Coil 'England's Hidden Reverse' CD


This is the CD that came with the hardback edition of David Keenan's book "England's Hidden Reverse: A Secret History Of The Esoteric Underground" published by SAF Publishing.  This hasn't been included with subsequent reprints of the book.

Used but in good condition.

1 Nurse With Wound Pre-Menstrual Music For Merry Maidens 26:43
2 Current 93 The Great Bloody And Bruised Veil Of This World 4:17
3 Current 93 Niemandswasser 6:03
4 Current 93 In The Heart Of The Wood And What I Found There 2:48
5 Current 93 The Frolic 8:12
6 Coil Are You Shivering? 9:37
7 Coil Chaostrophy 5:39
8 Coil Amethyst Deceivers 6:33
9 Coil The Lost Rivers Of London 7:41

CD compiled by David Keenan, with thanks to all concerned (on top of CD).

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