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Organum, Z'EV 'Temporal' CD


''We worked side by side in Peckham in front of my computer from 13 Nov 2006 through 21 Jan 2008 and but so then Davd took it upon himself in South Norwood at RMS Studios from 10 March 2008 through 23 Jun 2008.“ 

Their third collaborational work following 'Tinnitus VU' mini CD on Touch and the full length 'Tocsin' album on Die Stadt (DS77). Z'EV started out with reworking basic sound material from the Organum archive back in 2006, which resulted in a collaborative mixing of the material until early 2008. The finishing touches were then left to David Jackman between March and June 2008. The overall tone on 'temporal' owes more to the 'classic' Organum sound than to Organum latest works, the trilogy : 'Sanctus' (Robot Records), 'Amen' and 'Omega' (both Die Stadt). The album makes for a multi-layered and intense listening experience. First edition of 600 copies in digisleeve.

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