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Quentin Rollet & James Worse 'A Fothermass Abominesque' CD *BACK IN STOCK*


April 2023

Two estimed Nurse collaborators team up to produce an album of much strangeness & wildness. Featuring the inevitable sax playing of Quentin & the mystifying declamations & percussion of James, both also contribute spikey electronices that wrap around the already heady mix of meanderings. Take a step into another version of what is.....

Quentin Rollet: alto and sopranino saxophones, electronics

James Worse: voice, percussion and electronics

Sleeve by Babs Santini

Review by Mark Daelmans-Sikkel on Vital Weekly :

Paris-based Quentin Rollet has cofounded two labels (Bisou Records and Rectangle) and owns his label, Reqords. He released a duo recording of James Worse -Melbourne based- and himself on this label. Rollet has played with manymusicians and can be heard on many records and has played with many musicians and groups, including the Red Krayola, the Legendary Pink Dots & Nurse With Wound. He plays the alto sax and the sopranino, the smallest saxophone in the original saxophone family. James Worse, on the other hand, has also worked with Nurse With Wound (Steve Stapleton). He plays percussion and does spoken word on some of the tracks. Both use electronics. Incidentally: the beautiful artwork is by Steve under the moniker Babs Santini. In 55 minutes, eight pieces form a unique sound world. Processed percussion, cut up and dosed in smaller pieces to the listener, sometimes creating a groove at some point and getting slightly distorted over time, as in A Toxic Whimsleybottom. Worse’s voice gets distorted (in parallel) as well, creating a sound world that is familiar and simultaneously very alien. Hints of melodies form, get repeated a few times and fade away to be followed by expertly controlled chaos. The words or lyrics James Worse has written are made-up stories with made-up words in the best Fluxus tradition. Non-sensical but loaded with meaning, which is a paradox, of course. The music ranges from atonal tone sequences to tonal melodies. 'Smollows', for example, is almost like a ballad. It’s a lovely experience residing in this sound world conjured up by these experienced musicians. Excellent release!



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