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Steve Parry / Colin Potter 'Womb' CD

March 2024
Peripheral Minimal Records releases the album, "WOMB" by Steve Parry (Neu Elektrikk / Hywl Nofio) and Colin Potter. Recorded on 1/4'' tape in 1981, it has remained unreleased in any format until now. Limited to 500 copies in a digipak CD with an 8-page booklet containing detailed information about the recordings.

''When it was mixed, I don’t think either of us knew what to do with it, as it was unlike any other music that was around at that time. So it languished….

Due to various house moves, Steve & I lost touch & I eventually moved away from Yorkshire, my favourite part of the world. Several years ago, on a short holiday in York I wandered into a pub that I’d never visited before & there was Steve, who I hadn’t seen for over 20 years. Full circle. We decided that the lost album should be released & Steve had the original ¼’’ tapes baked & I’ve now remastered the recordings. Listening to it was a strange experience. Many times I had to try to remember what some of the strange sounds were, or why we did this or that. The sound of convention & caution being thrown to the wind.

I’m glad we did it & I hope you like it.

Colin Potter, London 2021

"Womb remained unreleased other than a few cassette tapes given to friends. The Ampex 406 master tapes were severely damaged due to natural deterioration, so the original tape had to undergo a time-consuming restoration process. Thankfully the project was salvageable and the music was transferred to digital. I must admit listening now to these recordings I am reminded of the creative surge and ebullient enthusiasm for making the music. It was indeed an exciting time."

Steve Parry

Recorded: (1981) at Integrated Circuit Studio, Sutton–on-the-Forest, York & Wern Studio, York. Field recordings (1981) by Steve Parry on a Sony portable cassette tape recorder.

• Engineered by: Colin Potter
• All Instruments / sounds – Steve Parry & Colin Potter
• Producer – Steve Parry, Colin Potter

Instruments/devices used in the recording included: saw, plastic bucket and plastic tube, water, alarm clock, cotton rags, metal bars, electric drill, drum machine, bongo drums, analogue synth & sequencer, field recordings, electric, acoustic & bass guitars, flute, keyboards, found sounds, comb & voice.


releases March 1, 2024

All tracks mastered by Colin Potter at ICR, London 2021
Artwork: Oleg Galay, Jason B. Bernard & Steve Parry

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