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Trevor Wishart  'The Secret Resonance of Things'  CD/Booklet

Trevor Wishart 'The Secret Resonance of Things' CD/Booklet


September 2017  A new release from Trevor, based variously on data from Supernova explosions, Chaotic and Turbulent processes and Physical Models of Imaginary musical instruments. Like his 'Encounters in the Republic of Heaven' (with which it shares the format of a booklet containing a CD) this was originally an 8 channel sound-surround performance piece an the CD contains a stereo remix. The booklet explains the scientific data underlying the project. It is very detailed and acedemic, but the music itself is amongst some of his finest, ranging from intense, almost old-school contemporary electronic/musique concrete to percussive interludes to wild simulated impossible brass instruments. Highly recommended!


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