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ICR News November 2017

NOVEMBER 17th 2017

Some new items in the shop & some news.

COLIN POTTER  In our last update we foolishly announced that there would be several new releases on vinyl coming soon. Ah, the magic word....vinyl, which is another way of saying ‘this is going to take much longer than expected’. The good news is that the new solo album ‘The Abominable Slowman’ will be ready to ship early/mid December. You can pre-order on the ICR website now. If you would also like a free download, you can order from the ICR Bandcamp website : www. Customers in mainland Europe may be able to save on postage by ordering it from the Abstrakce label’s Bandcamp website : www.
The other 3 LPs are all delayed too, until early in the new year. So, a bit of a wait for the Potter, Natalizia, Zen record, the split Potter/Rollet - Stapleton/Kaspel LP & The Where House DLP. Bah!


NURSE WITH WOUND   ‘The Swinging Reflective’  2CD  Hot on the heels of Volume 2 comes a re-issue of the original CD from 1999, which has been unavailable for a long time.
O YUKI CONJUGATE  ‘Tropic’  CD  From a band that has been around since the early 80s, this is an impressive release of unreleased material from the mid 90s, that was recently re-worked to produce 2 long wonderful hazey, drifting but at times also rhythmic atmospheres that we like very much.
MICHAEL BEGG  ‘Titan’  CD Michael's work is consistently excellent. That being said, this is one of his finest - highly recommended!
DARREN TATE We still  have 1 copy left of his limited edition re-release of ‘Another Sunday’ This comes with an individually made framed collage, signed & numbered (an edition of only 20) Please email if you are interested. The recent scouring of the vaults lead to some interesting Darren Tate–related finds. There are copies left of his  ‘Ghost Guitars’ &  ‘Reveal’ solo albums & also ‘Places’ (4th edition) by MONOS. These are all £7.99 each.  We also have a small number of copies of ORA’s ‘Rosea’ CD, which has long been unavailable, at £9.99. Also discovered some vinyl : MIRROR ‘Still Valley’(black vinyl) £17.99 : ANDREW CHALK ‘Ghosts of Nadhoka’ & ‘Circle of Days’ LPs £14.50 each : ANDREW CHALK & TOM JAMES SCOTT  ‘Calluna’  12”mini LP £11.50 : VIKKI JACKMAN, ANDREW CHALK & JEAN-NOEL REBILLY  ‘A Paper Doll’s whisper of Spring’  £14.50

The sublime’ Deshrett’, the music from the limited edition extra disc accompanying ‘Fragile Pitches’ by Michael Begg & Colin Potter is FREE to download this week ONLY on Bandcamp – 

If any of you bought the recent updated version of David Keenan’s ‘England’s Hidden Reverse’ but were unable to get hold of the limited edition, here’s your chance to upgrade! We have a spare new copy of the ‘Furfur’ book & the enamel pin badge for only £12.00. Please email if you would like it.


There are also some LIVE PERFORMANCES coming up :
NURSE WITH WOUND  play in NAPLES on December 8th  details here :
FAUST have a 3 day residency at London’s  Cafe Oto  25-27th November with Colin Potter joining them on Saturday 25th. That night is now sold out, but there are still tickets available for the other 2 nights.
COLIN POTTER plays solo at The Pickle Factory, Bethnal Green, London supporting NOT WAVING (Alessio Natalizia of PNZ) on December 14th. This is almost sold out, but you should be able to find tickets if you go soon to :

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