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Paul Bradley & Adam Sonderberg - anoxia CD

Paul Bradley & Adam Sonderberg - anoxia CD

Collaboration, be it business, marriage or artistic, can, depending on who you are, produce a freeing or stifling environment. On the occasions that collaborations succeed in freeing the individual, the results produced in these partnerships can approach the transcendent. ‘anoxia’ is the first co-production between UK based, Paul Bradley (Monos, regular collaborator with Colin Potter) and Adam Sonderberg (Dropp Ensemble, Civil War) from the US of A (that’s, ‘A’ for ‘almost’) and their respective labels, Twenty Hertz and Longbox Recordings. Material was recorded and mailed. The subsequent mixes were listened to, talked about and methodically refined; and so here we have ‘anoxia’: a long form drone work rooted in profound darkness; birthed from the omnipresent hum of imminent demise. Admittedly the last paragraph is pretty heavy-handed, but how else can we convey what is on offer here? Drawing comparisons between artists is commonplace in music criticism, so what can be said about ‘anoxia’ without likening it to the work of Mirror, Jonathan Coleclough or Francisco López? (oops!). Well, this is one of those records that you’ll keep in your collection and turn to in the intervening years as a failsafe when it comes to idiomatic drone composition. The first edition of our beloved recording is housed in a slimline dvd case with striking hand screened cover art. This is red hot.

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