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Paul Bradley - Liquid Sunset CD

Paul Bradley - Liquid Sunset CD


Colour bursts on the horizon. The haze of light creates a dreamy, almost unreal atmosphere. Everything slows to a stupor as the sun finally drops from view, ever static yet ever evolving, to be reborn again in a few short hours. CD encased in some delicious artwork.

Review from The British Post Industrial Underground : Paul Bradley’s a quiet presence – there are no interviews with him readily to be found, and his digital footprint seems reduced, now, to a Bandcamp page. It’d be easy to interpret this as reticence or hermeticism, but it reads as both appropriate and sensitive to the music he makes, which prefers the understated and the micro-attentive, to making a grand gesture. On Liquid Sunset, a particularly glassy drone slowly swirls around itself, broken up by a passage of crackling foliage, under foot. Bradley’s music rewards not just patience and attention, but ‘steeping’ – to grasp it fully, give it all the time it needs.


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