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Paul Bradley - Sketches from Dust CD

Paul Bradley - Sketches from Dust CD

Following on from ‘Memorias Extranjeras’ (Alluvial Recordings) with ‘Sketches from Dust’, we again have a less ‘typical’ Paul Bradley release. For this CD, gone are the field recordings and over the forty minutes we hear a piece that is mainly constructed from Guitar and Piano (the latter being played by Maja Elliott of Current 93). The recording is augmented by various acoustic sounds and some precise mixing techniques to form an organic and possibly ‘looser’ feeling recording than we might be previously expecting. What we hear is an intimate yet murky, almost eroded sonic journey. A primitive earlier outtake of ‘Sketches from Dust’ appeared on the limited ‘Notes from Past - Sketches from Dust’ CDr released earlier in 2006. This now fully realized work is released in two CD editions, one limited to 200 copies in hand painted card sleeve and a second unlimited edition with printed card insert in a plastic wallet.

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