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BB3 "D´Emergence Minerales" Ltd.ed. CDR


''The following betrays my ailing memory ..... Back in the early 2000s a French customer sent a CDR he'd made, which I liked very much. I bought some copies for sale on the ICR website. Since then ICR has moved location a number of times, leading to some 'chaos'. This has often resulted in old stock, frequently forgotten, being discovered in the wrong places. So I was suprised to find that I still had a few copies of this excellent album. But also somewhat depressed to realise that I remembered very little about it.  All I can say is that it's a really well produced album of what I can only describe as droney electronic music, occasionally melodic & rhythmic, very brooding & engaging (you can see why my career as a record reviewer never took off). A numbered edition of 77, comes in a clear sleeve with photograhic paper insert. Recommended!''  Colin Potter 2022.

If anyone out there knows anything more about this, please get in touch.


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