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Thomas Carnacki  'Cadavre Isolé'  CD

Thomas Carnacki 'Cadavre Isolé' CD

January 2023
A recording of purposefully unintentional synchronicity. As a working practice resulting from the pandemic lockdown, when we couldn't be in the same room together, we embarked on an experiment wherein we would each individually craft a swath of material of varying pre-determined lenghts (4 minutes, 6 minutes, etc.) without knowing what anybody else was concocting; we would then combine those tracks one atop the others and see what we had wrought.

The next, obvious step, when we were through with making these pieces, was to see what might happen were we to then *intentionally* craft something from this pool of material. Hence the remixes, undertaken with different tactics and strategies by each of us.


Sheila Bosco
Cheryl E. Leonard
Gregory Scharpen
special guest Alicia Perre-Dowd on track 5

mastered by M.S. Waldron, Rock Creek Tributary, 2023
cover photograph by Menghsin Horng

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