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Trevor Wishart ORIGINAL VINYL! 'Beach Singularity Menagerie' LP

Trevor Wishart ORIGINAL VINYL! 'Beach Singularity Menagerie' LP


Trevor discovered a long-forgotten box of this LP, which had never been opened. All copies are "new" but there is some age-related wear & fading to the sleeves, nothing too bad, hence the lower price, which is significantly cheaper than lesser quality items in collectors circles.

Beach Singularity was performed on the beaches at Morecambe, Cleveleys, St Anne's & Southport in the summer of 1977. Beach Singularity is an excerpt from a day long happening in which the composer performed with an ensemble that featured saxophonist Lyn Dobson avant-tuba player Melvyn Poore, vocalist Poppy Holden and clarinet improviser Robin Coombes. This performance was designed somewhat like a social intervention, where the musicians performed in conjunction with tape-music and electronics broadcast from small portable stereo systems scattered along the English sea-side. Menagerie began life in 1974 when Trevor Wishart asked a number of well known British performance artistis to build small assemblages for an exhibition in which each object would be accompanied by appropriate taped sounds. The exhibition, consisting of eleven assemblages, was first prepared for the Birmingham Arts Lab and presented there in January 1975. The accompanying tapes were all made at The University of York Electronic Music Studio by Trevor Wishart.

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