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VA - Danza de la Vida CD

The follow-up to our "Danza de la Muerte" compilation focuses on the more song orientated Syntactic releases. Also, you will find tracks that were planned as Syntactic or Klanggalerie 7"s, but never made it onto vinyl. The track list reads as follows: Andrew Liles - In this vegetable Glass of Nature Le Zappalot (Rehberg/Bauer/Birnbach) - Erika goes to Leopoldau O Yuki Conjugate - Madal (Circular 1) Graf & Zyx - Hey you Der bekannte post-industrielle Trompeter - Walterwaltz Steven Wilson - The unquiet Grave Jerzy Marczak - Dog field Bain Wolfkind - Underneath the Night Werner Möbius - Rosa (Remix) Roedelius - La vie en bleu Dither Craf (Mushroom´s Patience) - Saponette Friabili DD Kern (Fuckhead) - Whitecaps Broken Penis Orchestra - The rape of the Garden Maiden Blaine L. Reininger - Burnsday

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